A working bug host or SNI host is one major requirement when it comes to getting free Internet access, and so applies to Any SSL Supported VPN APP.

Every day, A2Z VPN do request new hosts from me to use in their free Internet trick setup. Though I do my best in attending to most of the requests, it’s usually difficult to attend to every person. So in this article, I will be posting over 400 working (SNI hostname list) SNI host list for SSL host or any ssl vpn which also can be used on any VPN tunnel app to still get internet with unlimited data.

Free SNI Host List In South Africa

Most of the zero-rated SNI hosts in South Africa listed here work for MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, and Telkom. But then I said, “most” and “not all” because some SSL hosts still work just for one network alone. Also, nowadays, most of the hosts have a daily limit and not the unlimited that they used to be.

           SNI: gn.total.com (running on port 443)

www.acuvue.com.pa (port 443)

www.gtigrows.com (port 443)





regent.ac.za (Telkom and other networks)
gettheraiceheadreliefhat.io (MTN and other networks)
www.communityneedles.com (MTN and other networks)
www.departmentofeducation.co.za (MTN and other networks)
dev.onlinecms.mtn.co.za or onlinecms.mtn.co.za
stg.deserve.com (MTN and other networks)
sacoronavirus.co.za (Vodacom and other networks)
s2sacademy.co.za (Vodacom and other networks)
        job.gov.ac.za  (CellC)

Rwanda Ha Tunnel SNI Hostname List

        SNI or Custom SNI: www.mango4G.com


        DNS Mode: or (Port 8080). Also, you caninput in the settings Pry: & Sec:

        SNI: mtn.co.rw  (Port 8080)

    Airtel and Tigo RW:

       SNI: www.edx.org (Port: 80 or 8080)

       SNI: www.ecommerce.edx.org (Airtel)


        SNI: playgorillagames.com (this can be used as a Custom SNI on port 443 or 80, or even a custom Host header on port 80)

ninyampinga.com (port 80, 8080, or 443)

        DNS Mode: or (port 8080) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

        SNI: www.mtn.co.rw (port 80, 8080 oor 443)


DNS Mode:  (port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

ietnam Ha Tunnel Hosts

These SNI hosts are mostly used on port 443, and maybe 80 and 8080 if you want something extra.

        Viettel: livestream2.tv360.vn, m.akamaized.net or v.akamaized.net

Pakistan Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts

        Zong:, or
        Jazz: filter.ncnd.jazz.com.pk/nc

Trinidad & Tobago Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts

            SNI: apps.apple.com (port 8080 or 80)

Zimbabwe Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts


Congo DR SNI Host List For Ha Tunnel 

       Airtel: www.edx.org

Thailand Ha Tunnel Hosts

        DTAC: app.dtac.co.th
        True: www.opensignal.com

Colombia Ha Tunnel SNI Host List

        WOM: sena.territorio.la

Namibia Ha Tunnel SNI Host List

        MTC: nofunds.mymtc.mobi/  (runs on port 80 or other ports)

Congo DR Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


SNI: premierbetzone.com (Can be used as a Custom SNI or SNI on ports 443 and 80)

Afghanistan Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


DNS Mode: or

Uganda Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


SNI: www.adge.com (this can be used as a Custom SNI on port 443 or even a custom Host header)

SNI: fmod.com (Port 443 or 80)

 SNI: www.freedrumlessons.com (port 443)


        SNI: apo.who.int or reverse proxy it to get similar hosts (i.e oop.who.int) on port 443


SNI: myauthaccount.mtn.co.ug (port 80)

Togo Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


DNS Mode: (port 8080) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:


DNS Mode:  (port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

Ivory Coast Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        DNS Mode: or (on port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

SNI: smscloud.mtn.ci (Port 443)

Egypt Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


SNI: info.chunhomall.com (port 443 or 80)

SNI: logs.pokemonshowdown.com (Port 443)

DR Congo Ha Tunnel Hosts:


        SNI: Premierbetzone.com (Port 443)


        DNS Mode: (Port 443) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

Myanmar Ha Tunnel Host List:


www.mectel.com.mm or list.mectel.com.mm (for either Custom Method or SNI)

Tanzania Free Ha Tunnel Host:

    TTCL, Halotel, Tigo, and Airtel:

DNS: or (Port 8080 or other ports) Also add and in your primary and secondary DNS settings.

Swaziland Ha Tunnel Hosts


        DNS: (Port 8888)

Mozambique Ha Tunnel Host List:


        SNI: app.ubuntu.vm.co.mz (Port: 443)



        SNI: (Port: 80)

United Kingdom:


        SNI: ee.co.uk

Cameroon Ha Tunnel Hosts:

    MTN: auth.mtn.cm (Port: 443)

Camtel and MTN: DNS: (Port: 8080)

Pakistan Ha Tunnel Plus:


        SNI: ezgaming.pk Port: 80 (you can add, to the DNS section if you’re experiencing slowing connection, or its refusing to connect.)



SNI: Acordar.argentina.gob.ar (Port: 8080)


    Africell: www.africell-angola.tedmob.com/en/internet






DNS: or or Both runs on port 80



        DNS: or



        SNI: m.wikipedia.org

Togo Ha Tunnel: 

    Togocel and Moov:  (Port: 80)



        SNI: www.betika.com (port 80)

New Working SNI SSL Host List For Ha Tunnel Plus VPN or Any SSL VPN
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