How to install SSH Dropbear on Ubuntu OS

Dropbear is a small SSH server that can be used as replacement of standard OpenSSH, it is orginally designed for machine with low memory and processor. But today we’re going to try running dropbear on a standard linux distribution Ubuntu.Personally I will use Dropbear as SSH tunnel because of it’s simplicity and faster response for vpn.


What you need?

OK, before we start, make sure you have a server/vps/PC with a Ubuntu OS, any version is good, but here I use Ubuntu 18

Install Dropbear

Connect to your server via standard SSH client (putty, bitvise, terminal, etc)

Shell Command to install Dropbear

How to Install dropbear on the server

# apt-get updat

#apt-get upgrade -y

install dropbear

# apt-get install dropbear

edit Dropbear setting in /etc/default/dropbear

# nano /etc/default/dropbear

edit this line:
DROPBEAR_PORT = 22 you can change it any port if you need

DROPBEAR_EXTRA_ARGS = “-p 443 -p 80” –> if you want extra ports

remove standard OpenSSH service
# service ssh stop
# update-rc.d -f ssh remove

starting Dropbear SSH and set to auto-start on boot
# service dropbear start
# update-rc.d dropbear defaults

try to check status
# service dropbear status


How to install SSH Dropbear on Ubuntu OS
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