V2Ray Installer

A simple script to install v2fly or xray on Ubuntu or Debian servers.


  • Automatically install service for v2fly or xray
  • Support for VMess, VLess, Shadowsocks, Socks5 as protocols
  • Support for TCP, TLS, websocket, gRPC as transports
  • User management for VMess and VLess
  • Generate config files for VMess and VLess
  • Generate self signed certificates or use existing certificates
  • Ability to manually add rules to config file


  • This script cannot configure reverse proxies like Nginx or Caddy to work with v2ray. You need to configure them yourself.
  • This script will not install firewall; But it will use it if it’s installed. For Debian it uses iptables and for Ubuntu it uses ufw.

Install this script

Just copy and paste the command

On your server run the following command:

curl -o v2ray.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/HirbodBehnam/V2Ray-Installer/master/v2ray.sh && bash v2ray.sh

At first, it installs v2fly/xray as service and then it shows you options to manage it.

Installed Service and Files

The service is installed as v2ray.service. The executable itself is installed in /usr/local/bin/. The config file is also available in /usr/local/etc/v2ray/config.json.

The config file can be freely edited. You can add protocol/transports which are not supported by script to it. Script will not delete them however it’s unable to create client configs for them.

Installed v2ray Version

Script always installs the latest v2fly release or Xray release from GitHub.

How to install V2ray on Ubuntu or Debian servers.
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